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Stream In January

Stream In January

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Basic Frame-Building

This really is very simple, but building frames is one of my most favorite aspects of beekeeping. I love the smell of the wood and the warm fragrance of the wax foundation. Below are the parts of the frame ready to be assembled. Top bar, bottom bars, side pieces. My hive tool is in the picture because I use it and sandpaper to smooth rough edges. Side bars are glued and nailed, with 6 nails, to the top bar. I use lots of glue. When loaded with bees, wax and honey, frames are heavy.
Bottom bars are in place. Also glued and nailed with 4 nails. There is a small space between the bottom bars. I'll drop wax foundation in this space and secure at the bottom with the remaining bar. I use a compressor (staples) to complete this. Makes it fast.

Ten frames completed and dated and ready to hang in the small super. The foundation is etched with a hexagonal pattern. The bees will draw out the comb on this foundation. I'm considering some frames in my next super without foundation. The bees will still draw out the comb.

Ready to go on Ora Bee.

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