Experience is a brutal teacher. But you learn, my God, do you learn.

-C.S. Lewis

Stream In January

Stream In January

Monday, January 19, 2009

More Snow

We got 2 inches of snow on Friday and it's snowing again today. The prediction is for 2 to 5 inches. I've been hoping for a cold, snowy winter, so I guess I'm getting my wish.

I checked the hive this morning and heard the bees buzzing inside. I've not seen them flying for several days. I'm still concerned about them having enough honey to survive the winter, so I added a shallow super over the inner cover and put the boardman feeder on top of that. I'm not sure that makes sense in writing, but I know what I did for future reference. But anyway, the bees can get to the food without having to leave the hive and I did not have to open the hive and expose them to the cold.

I'm going to have another hive in the spring. I can say I see a lot of bees flying or a lot of dead bees, etc., but in comparison to what? I think my hive is weak, but in reality, it may be strong compared to another. My friend Kelley, who owns Balltown Bee Farm, is going to teach me how to split my hive when the time is right in the spring. I hope I have enough bees left to actually do so.

The snow is falling heavier than ever. I hope I get my new camera this afternoon so I can get some good pictures. I didn't take up knitting, but pulled out some old cross-stitch I had never finished and am working on that. I'll build another fire in the fireplace and sit and stitch!


vicree said...

Perfect timing! Just about the time today's post came in, I logged on to make copies for my "next door neighbor" to take home with her and enjoy at her leisure.

Lynn said...

Hope she's enjoying!

MissJenny said...

yay cross-stitching! i haven't done it in a while, but i really like it. there's something about those little x's that is so soothing.

Lynn said...

Sure is a good way to pass a cold winter day. I think I'll leave the knitting to you. :)