Experience is a brutal teacher. But you learn, my God, do you learn.

-C.S. Lewis

Stream In January

Stream In January

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Botany Bees

I found this poem yesterday as I was finishing Ross Conrad's book. It sums up very beautifully why I started keeping bees and why I can't wait for spring.

Botany Bees
Full many a tomato plant
Would never blush nor bear,
Without the bee to gallivant
And shift some pollen there.
She travels in the honey line,
But sets the vines aglow;
Which shows the finest things we do
Are not the things we know.
I do not care for honey much,
And yet I prize the bee;
The fair tomatoes that I love,
She makes 'em blush for me.
-Chicago Daily News


vicree said...

A lovely poem... I enjoyed reading it.

Lynn said...

Spring can't come soon enough.

Melanie D. Jones said...

It will be here soon ... And you will have two great gardens.

MissJenny said...

oh i cannot wait for spring either!!!

Lynn said...

But the snow in CH was beautiful today!