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Stream In January

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mountain Song Festival

Mountain Song Festival was started by local bluegrass band, Steep Canyon Rangers, 4 years ago as a fundraiser for the Boy's and Girl's Club of Transylvania County. All of the proceeds go directly to the club and to date has generated over $150,000. With acts like the Rangers, Doc Watson, David Holt, Peter Rowan, Tony Rice, Cherryholmes, Del McCoury Band, Seldom Scene....it's too good to miss. It's held on the second weekend in September at the Brevard Music Theatre. The weather is always beautiful - sunny fall day turns into cool fall night.

Last year the audience was treated to a huge surprise. During one of the Ranger's sets it was announced that a fellow had been hanging around backstage saying he could play the banjo and wanted to do a couple of numbers with the guys. So they decided to give him a chance - "Please welcome Steve Martin." Yeah, that Steve Martin, the wild and crazy guy, Steve Martin. Needless to say the crowd went NUTS!!! He is an incredible bluegrass banjo player. Since last year, Steep Canyon Rangers have joined Steve on a 15-city US tour and opened the tour at Mountain Song Festival. Aren't we lucky!

So here is Steve Martin onstage with Steep Canyon Rangers. He also visited the Club's hotdog stand and sat in the crowd during other sets. He's also a new resident of the area and we're glad to welcome him to the mountains.
The Whittington-Pfohl Auditorium. Soldout concert. Lots of folks on the grass enjoying the weather and the music.

Steep Canyon Rangers onstage with Seldom Scene, a great bluegrass band out of Maryland.

Beautiful toddler enjoying the music.

The evening ended with the David Grisman Quintet. If you're not familiar with him, think Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead. I won't go into his long bio, but he has an amazing past.

We have a very special interest in this festival. Our daughter is the Executive Director of the Boy's and Girl's Club. They serve over 200 kids. It's a great organization and I would urge everyone to take the opportunity to do something special for a child. Put Mountain Song Festival on your calendar and join the fun next year! And in the word's of the Club's slogan -

"Be Great."


Cliff W said...

It looked a great day and I've even resisted the obvious comments about Transylvania.

Steve Martin! Wow!! Cool. Was only watching Planes, Trains & Automobiles the other day. I love the scene at the car rental desk after he's spent ages looking for his car. The definition of frustration! Check out http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093748/quotes

Ngaio said...

Wow Lynn, that sounds and looks amazing and Steve Martin, I never imagined him playing an instrument let alone a banjo !!

Music is such a leveller isn`t it ? We have WOMAD here in NZ every 2nd yr and I love it - amazing music you never hear on the radio or tv with such clever artists - a real family time ..