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-C.S. Lewis

Stream In January

Stream In January

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Changes Are Coming

When I created this blog in January, it was with the intention of creating a personal journal of my gardening and beekeeping experiences for the year. Although I've been gardening for many years, I've never been a good recordkeeper and with the addition of the bees, it seemed important that I start writing some things down. There were also some people in my life with whom I wanted to share what I was doing and a blog seemed a good way to reach many people at once. I still don't record half of what I do in the garden and beeyard, but I think I've made a good start.

With the arrival of fall in the mountains, many things start to change. My garden has quit producing summer vegetables and I'm in the process of redoing it and planting for fall. The bees have been quite productive, but it's about time to start doing fall maintenance and getting them ready for the cold weather. I've watched them closely for the past couple of days and haven't seen a drone. They are also sleeping much later in the morning and going to bed much earlier in the evening. I don't see much activity before 10:00 and they're closing up shop by 7:00.

Since there won't be much to talk about garden and beewise in the next few months, I've decided to share some different aspects of my life. The mountains will start to put on their fall show in the next few weeks. Thousands of people flock here in September and October to see the autumn colors. It's a time of many traditional mountain festivals. The views from my backyard to the Blue Ridge Parkway will be gorgeous. It's all too good to keep to myself.

Walter Bee is going to undergo some changes in the next few days. The look, layout, and content to some extent, will change. If you notice today, it's already different in preparation for what's to come. I have to thank Mark for inspiring me to do this. And also thanks, Mark, for your offer to help, but I think I've got it figured out. Blogging has opened my world to new friends in several of our states and countries across the world. I appreciate all of you who comment and hope you will continue to stop by for a visit. Maybe we'll make some new friends!

Hope you'll all enjoy fall in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I can't wait.


vicree said...

Looking good!

Yep, you found me out...I am the one who is listed from Braselton on Mark's blog. Don't have any idea how 'they' arrived at that location for me. I tried to change it , but couldn't. Someone, other than a computer novice like me, could probably fix it in a minute.

Cliff W said...

Looking forward to hearing all about life in the mountains.

Ngaio said...

Lynn, I for one love hearing about your part of the world, from what I have seen in pictures and film it looks beautiful - I can`t wait to see the autumn (fall) colour, that season is my absolute favourite.. Please carry on with your posts and photos, I enjoy learning about other places and having friends all over the world !I will try and put more photos up on my blog of my fantastically gorgeous homeland - Aotearoa - the Land of the Long White Cloud or New Zealand as it is known to others.

Kat said...

Lynn, Thanks so much for all your posts on my blog. I love the area where you live. I too am looking forward to hearing all about the mountain life.

Anonymous said...

Lynn: Your blog looks GREAT! And you're most certainly welcome, but I really didn't do anything. Sometimes it just takes a little nudge from within. I like the background -- it looks awesome! I can't wait to see what you do with it in the next few weeks and months. And hopefully I'll get to see that fall foliage changing next month. Keep up the fantastic job! Mark