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-C.S. Lewis

Stream In January

Stream In January

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Walk Around My Garden

I have a cold and didn't feel like working in the garden today but because I can never stay out of my garden for long, I took my camera and just enjoyed the view. Hope whoever is looking will, too. Remember to click on. Butterfly or maybe moth, I don't know, on the wild daisies.

Roses on the arbor at the garden gate. I'm not very good with roses, but these are doing well.

There is a mason bee on the catmint. It's not a very good picture of a mason bee but the reason for that is that if you think honeybees are always in motion, think honeybee on lots and lots of caffeine and you have a mason bee. They are nesting in the box I put up a couple of months ago.

Life is so hard for Kobe, relaxing under the catmint. Kobe very seldom goes out of the house, but he's smart enough to know to head for the catmint when he does. Good stuff for cats!

Honeybee on Bachelor Button. This is one of their new favorites. If you ever plant a Bachelor Button, you have them for life. I never appreciated them until I saw how much the bees love it. Being a beekeeper gives you a whole new perspective on gardening.

I can't believe I'm actually going to admit this after complaining for the past few months, but we needed rain. We got it last night. A storm blew in across the mountains from Tennessee and we got a couple of inches. It's thundering in the distance now so I guess round 2 is on the way. I posted the June picture in the sidebar and I'm amazed at what has happened in a month. My garden is ordered chaos at best. I like it like that even though my husband begins to worry about this time of year that I might not make it back to the house. I ofter hear him humming "Down In Jungleland." Thanks Bruce Springsteen.

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Kat said...

Your garden looks great. And the Butterfly photo is wonderful! Your cat is beautiful and happy!
Enjoyed the post.