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Stream In January

Stream In January

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Notes and Photos From The Past Week

Saturday and Sunday were beautiful and I spent a lot of time in my garden and in Brevard at the Harvest Project garden. (See http://www.harvestproject-bgc.blogspot.com/) The honeybees were quite active over the weekend. They are bringing in every color pollen imaginable. The inside of Walter Bee must look like a rainbow. Still not quite warm enough to do a good inspection. I love to click on the photos for great close-up views of the bees. I received an email from Christy, our county extension agent, letting me know our Honey Comb News is now available online and in color. There is always an interesting beekeeping article included. I've posted the link in the sidebar and will update as I receive new publications from Christy. BTW, she is awesome at her job and always available to answer questions. Thanks Christy for everything you do. http://jackson.ces.ncsu.edu/files/library/50/April-May%202009%20HCN.pdf

Lots of daffodils and pansies blooming in the garden.

Marley in the phlox. She loves being in the garden. Maybe she'll catch the vole I suspect is chewing on some roots.

Thanks to all who commented or emailed me with information about the owl. The photos generated a lot of interest. I learned, among other things, that he is a barred owl. I keep hoping to get another glimpse of him, but so far, no luck. I also keep saying he, but maybe it's a she. As I asked my friends, Alice and Dane, who are world-class birders, how do you tell? Maybe someone can answer that question.

As I said earlier, the weekend was beautiful, but then Monday came. At 9:00 it was 45, at 12:00 it was 35 and snowing. It got worse. I'll continue this post...

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vicree said...

Wonderful pictures! One of the joys of gardening is getting to see living things close-up.