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-C.S. Lewis

Stream In January

Stream In January

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Notes and Photos Continued...

Oh, No, Not Again!
Thyme and chives. Herbs don't seem to mind the snow.

Walter Bee in the snow. A sharp rap to the side reassured me all was well inside. Bees humming! By Wednesday the honeybees were out foraging again, but there were a dozen small bees on the landing board. I think they may have been young bees that froze. I had a good look at them up-close and could see no sign of deformed wings or mites. This morning, even from a distance, I can see the colony buzzing with activity.

The buckets and boxes in the foreground are covering young broccoli and brussel sprouts plants. When I uncovered them yesterday, everything looked good. No damage. To the left of the scarecrow is bee balm. I think it liked the snow. This morning it looks like it grew 4 inches overnight. The bee balm was gorgeous last summer and by late summer stayed covered with butterflies. I think my bees are going to love it.

Young lettuce covered with boxes. Again, no damage. I didn't cover the lettuce I started from seed because the area was too large. But all the very small plants look fine.

Our temperature was 32 this morning. I didn't recover anything in the garden last night. This morning, all is well. I actually think cool weather crops like some snow. I know it provides an insulating cover against the cold. I'll revisit these photos next year just to remind myself not to plant too early. I hope this has been our last cold spell, but I'll not be too confident until May.

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vicree said...

I am longing for a full week of warmth and sunshine! Enough snow and rain!