Experience is a brutal teacher. But you learn, my God, do you learn.

-C.S. Lewis

Stream In January

Stream In January

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I took this picture last week during the snow. The cardinals really stand out against the white snow. The weather has been spectacular the past 3 days, but our forecast is for snow, sleet and freezing rain on Friday. Such is March in WNC...
I hope the next pictures I post are of the daffodils blooming and not more snow.
The bees are loving the weather, and there lots of perennials poking out of the ground. I've learned not to worry about the emerging flowers if we have a late cold snap. Other than the freeze we had a few years ago at Easter, things always come out just fine. Nature has a great way of looking out for herself.
We have a bee meeting on Thursday night and I have lots of questions for the experienced beekeepers. I've been feeding the hive and wonder if it's time to remove the food. The bees are bringing in tons of pollen. Also need to know when to reverse the inner cover. I'm planning to split this hive and need to know when to do so. Although all beekeepers have different ways of doing things, and no two will tell you the same thing, I always come away from the meetings with information I can use.
The Harvest Project in Brevard is getting off to a good start. We have a volunteer workday scheduled for Saturday. Hope the weather cooperates. The young gardeners are anxious to get their hands in the dirt. I'll meet with them on Friday and take pictures and get some of their thoughts to publish on the blog. Check it out at harvestproject-bgc.blogpot.com.
I'm very excited to report Miss Jenny is going to be starting a garden in Chapel Hill. She is my lovely daughter-in-law. She got started this past weekend with a compost pile. I'll be going to CH soon to help her with the planting. Go Jenny and Randy!


vicree said...

Having read "Rambling" a couple of times and then following up with "Harvest Project", I must confess, I just had to stop and laugh.
I suddenly saw us as a family in love with compost piles, aching to get our hands in worm-filled dirt, and all the while longing for a hefty load of chicken manure. Yep, sounds like heaven to me! But for any who may be reading this, not to worry. We clean up good!

MissJenny said...

I am so excited!!! Randy and I get so thrilled every time we have something to go in the compost pile. We had to make a conscious decision not to turn it over today, 'cause we want to "play" with it every day. Hee.

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

Being an avid gardener I've been composting for years. When I turned some soil over in the compost my nephew got very excited at seeing my giant worms. He wanted to have them!

You know, there's a saying: As 4 beekeepers a question and get 5 different asnwers! It will depend a lot on where you live for the answer (no bees are bringing in pollen in Canada at the moment!) so your local group is probably the best to ask.