Experience is a brutal teacher. But you learn, my God, do you learn.

-C.S. Lewis

Stream In January

Stream In January

Friday, August 21, 2009

Quick Trip Around The Garden

Butterfly on Joe-Pye WeedHoneybee on Goldenrod

"I said get out and stay out!" Drone being driven from the hive. (:


Honeybee on Mountain Mint


Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

Great photos. Love the butterfly.

Today I planted some sedum and coreopsis around my hives.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff as always! Good to see you posting again. I guess as summer turns to autumn, we'll all have more time. Are the crepe myrtles blooming a lot up your way?

Lynn said...

I don't see crepe myrtle here. We're about 45 minutes north of Walhalla SC and they bloom beautifully there, but our elevation is too high. I had crepe myrtles in K'ville and they were the ugliest things you ever saw. I may have failed that part of being a true southern girl. (I'm originally from Atlanta.)

I'm anxious to know how your queen is doing. I hope to check my hives tomorrow. It's been 3 weeks since I've been in.

vicree said...

The picture of Joe-Pye Weed was an eye-opener for me. The host of a radio garden-show that I enjoy, speaks very favorably about Joe, but I don't believe I have ever seen any in my town.

Lovely pictures, one and all! Well, maybe the one of the pitiful little drone was more sad than lovely. What's the story there? Used up and tossed out?

As daylight approaches I believe I hear ripe figs calling to me. They most likely are calling to remind me that I need to pick them at first light before the birds and hornets get to them. Hornets are not friendly to me!

Mark is right, your posts are always good. I look forward to them and read each one with a sense of connectedness. Is there any such word? If not, there ought to be.

Lynn said...

I hope some of those ripe figs are going to end up as preserves that might be coming to NC. And of course there's a connectedness. I think it's called Walter and Ora.

I'll enlighten you on the drones and joe-pye later this week. Right now fall cleaning has struck because the weather is glorious - 68, sunny and breezy. That must be Ora.

Thanks to all who say nice things about the blog. I know it's nothing earth-shattering, but I do enjoy "talking" to family and making new friends.

Paul said...

I love the goldenrod photo. I am thinking of planting some Dutch Clover on my property for the bees and wildlife. We have goldenrod down here in Louisiana as well. Beautiful photos